Dr. Martens_I Love My Boot

Dr. Martens
Veggie leather
Condition : Used
Size: UK5
Price: RM 340 (including the packaging the delivery)

Dr. Martens : I Miss You Miss Pink

Dr. Martens
Pink Veggie Leather
Condition: Used with no box
Size: UK 5
Price: RM 320 (including the postage and packaging)

Mirjam Waehlen Photography


Cool Flo from UK

Cool Flo Vintage

Check out the soundtrack by Wille and The Bandits - Keep Your Head Up


Urban Outlaw by Magnus Walker

" Passion is not something you can really build, you can really buy,  you can really sell, you can really market....it exist inside you when you believe " - Magnus Walker

You have no education (left school by age of 15 years old), You love old school 911 Porsche, You love heavy metal music and You love fashion. What would you do to have all them in one?

You don't want to cut your hair, you want to get a job. what would you do?

An Englishman who move to L.A to find a piece of life turn out to be a Porsche restorer, collector and an owner to a brand clothing label called " Serious Clothing ", a brand who make the clothes for rock n' rollers, punk rockers and heavy metalers.

One common thing about this man, he does not go to school but he says "Go with Gut Feeling". In whatever you do, do it sincerely, be honest with what you love and do it full heartedly.

Magnus Walker creates Urban Outlaw with passion of love towards old school 911 Porsche.

He, the rebel Porsche customizer who turned a hobby into an obsession. He has own signature, mixing up heavy metal and punk influence onto the car, that's make Urban Outlaw's cars unique and interesting.

Furthermore, he even wrote to Porsche Group saying that he wanted to be  a designer for them. They even reply back saying "give us a call back when you are older". 35 years later, he received a letter again from Porsche and invited him to give a talk and be part of Porsche 911 think tank.

Now, Urban Outlaw by Magnus Walker is a brand associated with early 911 Porsche and his signature is recognized worldwide by many Porsche enthusiast, from LA to Indonesia.

No education.... No Jobs...Don't wanna cut your hair.....love Porsche.....love heavy metal....love fashion. How would do that all in one. Take a leap of faith and Follow your gut feeling,  you wont be wrong. be passionate, be focus and don't give a fuck about what people say plus don't give up.

Stay Dedicated, Stay Motivated

#magnuswalker  #urbanoutlaw

Watch the Urban Outlaw video.



Dr Martens - Miss Smiley Pinkish

Dr. Martens
Miss Smiley Pinkish
Leather skin
Condition : Brand new without box
Size: UK5
Price: RM480 (inclusive packaging and shipping)


Dr Martens - Vintage Hi

Dr. Martens
14 eyes with zip
Condition: Used
Size: UK5
Price: RM 550 (including packaging + delivery)


Language of Legs

The ubiquity of minis and micros has produced for confirmed girl watchers an abundant display of lower limbs —a utopian leggy domain that’s a far and happy cry from the days when “a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking.” Now, thanks to a unique study by clinical psychologist John A. Blazer, what was only a pleasant pastime is also a useful science. How a girl disposes her legs when seated can instantly signal your most effective approach. Of the prevalent leg positions displayed on these pages, pay particular attention to the Schemer and the Philanthropist. According to Dr. Blazer, if the former dangles one shoe, she’s a delightfully incurable flirt, a veritable study in come-hitherness. But keep cool—the girl doesn’t always intend to deliver. The Philanthropist, however, digs talking and reading about sex and is apt to seek numerous love affairs, as she prefers constant sexual excitement. But we suggest you take note of them all; the next seated chick you meet may turn out to be a sitting duck for your romantic wiles.

Neatness and order turn her on. Uncertainty bugs her, so proffer a definite date plan and stick to it. If she’s sitting pigeon-toed, she lacks confidence; build up her ego and she’ll do the same for you.

Though outwardly well balanced, she actually feels threatened by men. This girl is ambitious and competitive. Gently challenge her to a game of gin rummy and manage to lose—you’ll win the bigger game.

 If you spot her at a party, head determinedly but quietly for her chair; she likes being told what to do, but doesn’t like to attract attention. A slow starter, once committed, she’s wholeheartedly yours.

Emancipated Woman:
 Independent and unconventional, she’s the epitome of the “new girl.” She digs her freedom, up-to-date fashion and faraway places. The Out Islands are in—take her there and you’ll be, too.

Concerned with impressions, she’s apt to be insecure and overly anxious. She sincerely enjoys helping others, so have a problem and tell her about it. When her sympathy becomes aroused, so does she

 Warm, easygoing and good humored, she’s comfortable with herself and everyone else. This romantic has a lot to give and she gives it freely. But don’t try to tie her down—she’s a lover of all men.

Social Worker: 
She shares many traits with the Perfectionist but is even more selfless. Act helpless and she becomes affectionate and generous. If you indicate you really need her, she’ll put your interests ahead of hers.


Warpaint - Love is to Die

I just got the album last week, the band called "Warpaint" and it is so cool. All female members playing rock and roll with passion and don't give a damn of what people says. Of course! the vocalist is outstanding, pretty voice and stunning looking girl as well. "Love is to Die" caught my eyes on the sleeve album cover and when I listen to it...boom! the tune and sound in between of Joy Division and Duran Duran, "Come Undone". I just love it and I keep playing the same in my car for a week. Other songs that I like probably "Keep it Healthy" and "Hi". Warpaint is a new band but I guess, the band has many potential to be like The Kills. It is Duran Duran version of girl band.

Go get the album, Warpaint is worth to be part of your music collection.


Moncler Lunettes 2014

Moncler Lunettes 2014 collection. This is one of our favourite eyewears.


Dr Martens - Purple Summer

Dr. Martens
Purple Summer + leather
Condition: Brand new
Size: UK6
Price: RM420 (inclusive packaging and delivery plus box)


Classic VW Golf: Mk3 GTI

This is one of the 90's favorite car to drive. Small and fast. It is part of retro 90's culture in Europe. Cheap maintenance and not much hassle.