Frances Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane

beautiful pictures of Frances Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane


Dr Martens - White Dove (sold)

Dr Martens
White Dove
Size: UK4/US5
Condition: Display products without box
Price: RM360 (inclusive postage and packaging)


Dr Martens - Ocean Blue Mary Jane (Made in England)

Mary Jane - Ocean Blue
Made in England
Man Made Sole
Size: UK6/US 6.5
Condition: Brand new with Box
Price: RM 380 (including postage+ shipping)


Dr Martens - Purple Love (sold)

Dr Martens
Purple Love x Haze
Made in England
Size: UK5/US6
Condition: Used (please refer to photos)
Price: RM 340 (postage +packaging included)


Dr Martens - 14 Eyes Black (sold)

Dr Martens
14 eyes
Made in England
Size: UK8/US9
Condition: 2-3 times used (Excellent Condition)
Price: RM450 (including postage +packaging)


Dr Martens x Low Limited Edition (sold)

Dr Martens
Made In England
Material: 1.Leather in/Raw canvas outer. 2. Rubber sole
Alkaline, Acid, Grease resistant

Size: UK8/US9
Condition: Brand New without box
Price: RM 360 (including postage+packaging)


A/S x 1349

This would a brilliant collab between True Black Denim Vs True Black Metal. Get free limited edition merchandise from Anti Sweden. Click Here to participate in the competition.


Full Count - Blue in Green (Selvedge Jeans) (sold)

Full Count jeans
Made in Japan
Raw Denim 14oz
Blue in Green (selvedge Jeans)
Condition: Brand New with tags
Size: 32 x 36
Price: RM 800 (including postage and delivery)


Anarchy in London

Since London on fire, it remind us of couple songs that could be the theme of London Riot; (I would imagine if Banksy could create something beautiful out from Riot as Brixton is part of them)

" Set the world on Fire" - RATM

" A nuclear error, but I have no fear
London is drowning-and I live by the river

London calling to the imitation zone
Forget it, brother, an' go it alone
London calling upon the zombies of death
Quit holding out-and draw another breath
London calling-and I don't wanna shout "
- London Calling, The Clash


Momentum - This Is My Name

This Is My Name MOMENTUM
Condition : Brand New with Box
Size: UK8/US9
Material: 100% Canvas/100% Rubber
Price: RM 195  RM150 (Including postage & packaging)


TopMan - Punk Means metal (sold)

TopMan Accessories
Stainless Steel
Imported from UK
Price: RM20 (including postage and packaging)