April 77- Joey Overdrive (sold)

April 77 - 100% original merchandise
Joey Overdrive -New old stock
size: 29"x32" elastic denim
condition: Brand new
Price = rm350/Euro 77.7 including postage and packaging


Black & White Psychedelic -Dr Martens (sold)

Dr Martens
Printed:Black and white Psychedelic
Condition: Used but premium
Material: 100% calf leather
Size: UK7/US8
Price: RM290/64.40(postage+packaging)


Number (N)ine Runaway


Dimmu Borgir Tour T-shirt

Dimmu Borgir Concert Tee
2008 North America Tour
The Invaluable Darkness
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM100/Euro 22 (include Postage + Packaging)


Banksy in NYC

Banksy in Chinatown, NY 2010
Banksy in NY Series ,2010
- 'Will Work for Idiots', Soho

Banksy in NYC, 2010
- ' I Heart NY'

- do you know Banksy have appeared in TIME Magazine this month under
'100 Most Influential People in World'?


He Who Invented Horn - Peace DIO

Do you know Ronnie James DIO who first invented 'horn' sign or called a 'metal or rock' sign by yuppies, eventually widely use by hip-hop slackers nowadays? We were shocked to hear about the news. He left us at 7.45am on 16 May 2010 at age 0f 67...the world is tearing apart by the loss.This week Emmet Garage Sales team will be listening to DIO albums. This is a terrible loss to Metal community....Peace DIO


Clarks x Camper Shoes? (sold)

Camper Classic Model
Materials: 100% calf leather & rubbers
Condition: Brand New
Size: UK7/US8
Price: RM260/Euro 57.70
(including packaging and postage)


Dr Martens - 1461 Brown Crazy Horse (sold)

Dr Martens
1461 model Brown
(Made in England)
Condition: Used Premium condition
Size: UK6
Price: Euro45/ RM200


Slayer Full Print T-shirt (sold)



Slayer (100% official merchandise)
Condition: brand New
price: Euro22/RM 100 (including postage and packaging)


Anti Sweden x Jeremyville

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAnti Sweden X Emmet Garage x Jeremyville6
The True Norwegian Black Denim label 'Anti Sweden' is launching a limited edition jeans collab with the legendary Australian & New York based artist Jeremyville.

Anti Sweden's styling of evil and darkness have merged with the distinct 'Acid Pop' line work of Jeremyville, who has interpreted the grim and provocative motives of Norwegian death metal, and created a surreal and menacing landscape of carnage and destruction. Jeremyville has drawn wolves devouring cadavers, live human sacrifice, and abandoned babies, to create a scene of apocalyptic hell, which is meticulously screenprinted onto the pockets within the grim blackness of the denim.

Alongside the limited edition of 666 jeans comes a giant collectors' edition screenprint, each signed by Jeremyville himself. 1 of these special 400 screenprints comes with the purchase of each of the first 400 jeans. The price is 1666 NOK ($280 USD), and if you are up for wearing a limited edition collab of dark underworld art and fashion, this should be right up your dimly lit alley.

The giant 'Anti Sweden in Jeremyville' screenprints are divided into a run of 200 fluorescent yellow and 200
fluorescent pink, reminiscent of giant band posters found pasted on the streets. An innovative project from 2 very unique creative forces working in the world today.


TESAAR - Beautiful Dutch Princess


1) Can you tell us about what have inspired you to start Tesaar?

Me and Sara were always into fashion. We first started taking pictures of each other and doing photoshoots together. But we wanted to show the world our fashion and photos so we thought, why not make a blog? It would be the perfect occasion to show our creativity and love for clothing. So that's kind of our inspiration, because we saw other blogs on the internet and loved them.

2) What is your philosophy behind the the blog?

Sara is my first cousin, so we are not only friends but also family. We thought it would be nice to have a blog together. We want to show other people what we wear and show them we feel great in it even though it's not always the thing you would expect. We want to show our passion and our love for photographing. My own philosophy is that you can make everything true if you just work hard for it.

3) Does Tesaar reflect your own personal style? If yes, in what ways?

Yes it does, in any possible way. It shows are style in clothing but also our style in other things we like (like food, haha). We try not to post too much of our thoughts since we don't want it to be a blog about our life, but about our style. But I think that by just reading Tesaar you can quite understand how we think and stuff.

4) Where did the name Tesaar come from? how does the people perceived Tesaar?

Haha, it's funny you ask. Well, it's actually a mix of our names. Tess + Sara. And I call Sara always Saar, so we had our name: Tesaar. We thought it was orginial though mysterious, because most of the people don't really get our name at the beginning.

5) What is the future plan for Tesaar?

Well me and Sara both love fashion, and I would love to do something in the fashion business later. We both love the posting and the blog so I hope it will excist for a long time, and we hope it will get more popular. But even if it wouldn't become popular, we would still continue with the blog, just because of our love for fashion and writing.

6) Heard that you are into travelling, is there any country you like most and hate most?

Yes that's right! We both love travelling. I personally love London and Turkey. I went to london a couple of times and it is just amazing. The whole atmosphere there + all the nice (vintage) shops there makes this a perfect city to me. The building are lovely too! And well, Turkey is just an extremely gorgeous country, always sunny and the people there are so kind!

7) What kind of music do listen to? Any fashion label do you like most?

Sara and I both love The Kooks and Laura Jansen. Sara has got an amazing sense for nice music and she does hiphop dancing too. I myself listen to everything I like, I also play a little bit of piano and I love the songs of the movie Amelie.

About the fashion labels, I love Acne and Alexander Wang. Amazing, clean and sophisticated. But, H&M (which may not even be a real fashion label) kicks ass too!

8) Any last shout to the world?

Hell yeah! I really want to say that before I actually started Tesaar I was so insecure of myself. But when I started to wear what I liked, I felt so much more comfortable! Now I feel great and shine everyday.


McQ Fall/Winter 2010

Grunge inspired- This is new range by McQ. Lots of patches, canvas shoes and blue faded jeans.
next year fashion generation