Comme des Garcon - H&M Trench Coat(SOLD!)

Comme des Garcons -H&M
Trench Coat
Outer 100%cotton
Inner 100% polyester

Size: 8,10,12,14

RRP: 120 Euro

RM 350

" This is truly Limited Edition even Ebay can't offer as low as this!! "- Emmet Garage sales!

Comme des Garcons - H&M (Shoes) (SOLD!)

Theme: Ramones Loafer
Size:5,6,7 (UK) ; 6,7,8 (US)

RM 150

" Psssst! Comme des Garcons design to celebrate the influence of garage music culture into fashion scene late
70's " - Emmet Garage Sales!

Comme des Garcons - H&M (SOLD!)

Comme des Garcons - H&M
Theme: Katie Holmes Polka Dot
material: canvas (i.e Converse Canvas)

Size: 4,5,6 (UK) ; 5,6,7 (US)

RM 150
" Pssst!!......Katie Holmes was spotted wearing this shoes after 2 days of H&M - Comme des Garcons launch! Grab the bargain ! " _ Emmet Garage Sales

Comme Des Garcons - H&M (SOLD!)

Comme des Garcons - H&M
Theme: Katie Holmes Polka Dot
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 34,36,38
For girls/women only!!

RM 150
***Pssttt!!! Please look at the black n White version below!

Comme des Garcons - Women/Girls (sold!)

Comme des Garscon - H&M
Theme: Katie Holmes Polka Dot
For Girl/Women Only!!

Size: 34,36,38

RM 150


Okaidi - Love Me Tender (SOLD!)

Okaidi - Love Me Tender
For Girls!
Age: 5years
Material: 100% cotton

RM 55

Okaidi - All You Need is Love (SOLD!)

Okaidi - Toddlers/Kids
For Girl
Age:3- 4 years
Material:100% cotton


Okaidi - Happy World

2009 Toddlers/Kids
Age: 2-3years
Material: Cotton
Condition: new with tag


Comme Des Garcons -H&M

Comme des Garcons - H&M
Limited Edition!!
Material: 100% Cotton
size: S
Condition: New with tag

" It was told by Telegraph, in London, Comme Des Garcons
design were sold out in 4 hours and limited 2 apparels per customer. Grab the bargain! Even on Ebay...you can't get as low as this " -Emmet Garage Sales!
RM 200


Levis - Chain Wallet (sold!)

Levis - Chain Wallet
100% Original Merchandise
Material: 100% Leather


" 90's fashion is back!! Bring grunge back to live. Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp are the icon of 90's that always walking contradiction with mainstream wearing chain wallet as part of anti fashion attitude. As well as most of the Seatle band like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth and Mudhoney will never leave their chain behind when performing live on stage. " - Emmet Garage Sales!

Metallica - Death Magnetic (Irish)(sold!)

-- S size available by request --

Metallica - 2008 Death Magnetic
Irish Limited Edition
Size: M

Condition: New with Case

(Released in Ireland only!)

-- Back View --

RM 90

Retro 70's - Silk Scarf

European 70's Retro Silk Scarf
Style: Leopard Leaning
Condition: Used
RM 50
"Although there has always been a demand for old and/or second hand clothing, awareness, demand and acceptance has increased dramatically since the early 1990s. This is due in part to increased visibility as worn by celebrities ( i.e Julia Roberts, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss and Dita von Teese ) . A resurgence of historically based sub-cultural groups like rockabilly and swing dancing has also played a part." - Squido.Com (vintage scarf)


Comme Des Garcons - H&M

Comme Des Garcons - H&M 2008 Truly LIMITED EDITION!!

Size: S (Men), M (women)
Condition: New with Tag
Material: 100% Thin Wool

--Front View--

RM 150

--Back View--

Sold out News on the 1st day launching: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/3452839/Fashion-News-Comme-des-Garons-Collection-at-HandM.html

Stone Roses (SOLD!)

Stone Roses - Lemon (2008)
Size: S
Condition: New
RM 65

Led Zeppelin (SOLD!)

Led Zeppelin - Swan Song (Chocolate)
Size: S
Condition: New


RM 95

Iggy Pop Tshirt x H&M (sold out!)

Brand : H&M
Iggy Pop - H&M Mick WaLL
Size: S, M, L
Condition: New

Limited Edition !!

RM 120

H&M has released Limited Edition Iggy Pop T-shirt to celebrate/appreciate Iggy Pop of Icon of Rock n Roll/ Punk music



Decade in The Sun (new aleeve album cover)
Size: S
Condition: New

RM 65

RPP: 15 Pound Sterling


Snow Patrol (SOLD!)

Snow Patrol 2008 (Indie Band from Belfast, Northern Ireland)
Size: S
Condition: New
RM 65

Metallica (SOLD!)

Metallica - Seek And Destroy (2008)
Size: M
COndition: New
Price: RM 75

Led Zeppelin (sold!)

Led Zeppelin - Mothership Sleeve Cover Album (2007)
Size : S
Condition: New

Price: RM75

Led Zeppelin (sold!)

Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
Size: S
Condition : New
Price: RM 75