Cat's Eyes - Rachel & Faris

Cats Eyes, a musical collaboration between Canadian soprano singer Rachel Zeffira and The Horrors' Faris Badwan. For both their 'Broken Glass EP' and forthcoming self-titled long-player (out April 11th) are records that get into a mild sweat with a curious, balanced dynamic, and a psychedelic, gothic sensuality. Although the project began as an attempt to record a contemporary homage to classic girl group pop, the end result has, perhaps without it actually being intended, ended up a far richer, broader, more considered affair.


Iron Maiden - 2007 A Matter of Life and Death Tour

Iron Maiden
2007 A Matter of Life and Death Tour
World Tour
Size: M
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM 110 (Inclusive postage and packaging)


Lounge Act - Nirvana

Nirvana will be always in our heart, and despite the success of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are. I think Lounge Act is always one of the best song ever written by Cobain


Emperor - Anthems To The Melkin at Dusk

100% original Merchandise)
Anthems To The Melkin at Dusk
Size: M
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM120 (Inclusive postage and packaging)


Dr Martens - Brown WingTip Made in England (SOLD)

Dr Martens
Brown WingTip
Made in England
Size: UK8
Condition: Used
Price: RM330 (Inclusive postage and packaging)


Iron Maiden Run to the Hills L

Iron Maiden (100% Original Concert Tshirt)
Summer of The Beast Tour '07
Run to the hill
Size: L
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM100 (including postage and packaging)


Clarks Shoes - honesty is a pure white

Honesty is a pure white
Size: UK 4/US 5
Condition: Brand New from UK
Material: 100% calf leather
Price: RM180 RM160 (inclusive postage and packaging)


Adidas Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Adidas Original
Kareem Abdul Jabbar
(bought in UK)
Condition: Brand new withour box
Size: UK7/US8
Price: RM300/Euro 73 RM270 (Inclusive postage+packaging)


Vans X Powell Peralta x Caballero

Steve Caballero x Powell Peralta Dragon Signature
Size: US 10.5/UK9
Condition: Brand New with Box
Price: RM 350/Euro 85 ( inclusive postage and packaging)


"I love Hitler" - John Galliano

John Galliano has been ousted by Dior yesterday due to "I love Hitler" remarks and being anti semitic. Bad behavior is another factor towards that claimed Dior. However, he denied the charges and would challenge the decision made by Dior soon.


Iron Fist - Zombie Green Flat (sold)

Iron Fist
Zombie Green Flat
Size: UK5
Condition : Brand New
Price: RM180/Euro 42 (Inclusive Postage and delivery)