Slayer - South of Heaven

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Slayer - World Sacrifice Tour

Slayer - World Sacrifice Tour Tshirt
Condition: Brand New
Size: M
Price: RM95/Euro 22.22 (Including postage+packaging)


ANti Sweden In Malaysia on 25th Oct 2010 at KL Convention Centre, Malaysia

ANti Sweden will be in Malaysia for few days - Two founder of Anti will brief you guys the Philosophy behind the True Norwegian Black Denim.

It will be held conjunction of Cyber Security Event in KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Be there on 25 Oct 2010 meet Anti Sweden bring rebellious spirit about Black Norwegian woods and true spiritof Heavy Metals.  \m/


Anti Sweden- Putting Rebellion Back to Jeans

The Norwegian label Anti Sweden who aims to put rebellion back to jeans is at the moment running a successful online t-shirt competition.
Seven international artists and designers have been chosen for the final voting round and so far Jesus is in the lead. Anti Sweden sells infashion stores such as 10 Corso Como and galleries and is known for their limited edition series created with well known artists who have
A desire for darkness and the occult. Artists like Satyricon, 1349 and the Killers.


Black Mass by Terrorizer Magazine

Black Mass by Terrorizer Magazine
The main act - the mighty MAYHEM
Supported by Anaal Nathrakh and Dragged Into Sunlight.
18 Dec 2010 at 02 London Academy.

We have never seen Mayhem before, this will be the best gig for 2010.


Unholly Alliance - Chapter I I- In Flames, Slayer

Unholly Alliance Tour -Chapter 2
Im Flames, Slayer, Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, Thine Eyes Bleed
Size: XL
Condition: New
Price: RM90/Euro20 (including postage+packaging)


The Killers- 7" Picture Single Vinyl Limited Edition

The Killers- 7" Picture Single Vinyl Human,  Limited Edition &produce
Taken from Day & Age Album
Side A: Human
Side B:Crippling Blow
Record Label Vertigo Co UK
Condition: BrandNew
Price: RM60/Euro 13.30(including postage + packaging)


Foo Fighters - European Tour (sold)

Foo Fighters
100% Official Merchandise
In Your Honor 2005 European Tour
Condition: Brand New
Price:RM 70/Euro 15.50 (including packaging and postage)

NOW: RM 65 (including Postage and packaging)


Mayhem - Rape Europe with Pride 2004 Tour (sold)

Mayhem - 100% official merchandise
Rape Europe With Pride Tour in 2004
limited edition
Condition: Brand new
Size: M
Price: RM120/26.67 (includind postage and packaging)


Children of Technology -Live

Photobucket Children of Technology play crust, Thrash and Rock N' Roll from Italy. They will be performingat LIVE EVIL FESTIVAL 2010  takes place on 23-24 oct 2010 at The Underworld in Camden, London.


Motorhead - 2008 USA Roadwork Tour

Motorhead - USA Roadwork 2008
100% Official merchandise
Size: M
Condition: Brand new
Price:Euro 22/RM100 including postage+packaging

NOW: RM80 including postage and packaging