Levis Vintage Clothing (LVC) 1901 501xx (Sold)

Levis Vintage Clothing (LVC)
1901 501 version
Made in USA
--10oz plain selvedge shrink-to-fit denim
--rivets on back pockets and crotch.
Size: 36/34/38 x 32/34/26
Condition: Brand New with tags
Price: RM850 (including delivery and postage)




Religion Clothing co uk - Unsymetrical Dress

Religion Co Uk
Unsymetrical Dress
Material: 80% rayon/ 20% Silk
Size: EU38/2/M
Condition: Brand New with tag
Price: RM160/Euro 38 RM140( Packaging+ deliver+postage)


Comme Des Garcons x Speedo (sold)

Comme Des Garcons x Speedo
Size: L
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM 80 (Packaging+shipping)


Cheap Monday - 28 x 31 (sold)

Cheap Monday (100% original products)
Dark Blue Skinny jeans
Condition: Brand New
Price: RM180 (including postage+ packaging)


Faded Superman by Religion Co Uk

Religion Co Uk EGS1
Religion Co Uk EGS2

Religion Co Uk
Faded Superman
Size: S/36/Euro 1
Condition: Brand New with tag
Price: RM90 (including packaging and postage)


Denim Day in Berlin

On January 18, 2011, the eve of Bread & Butter fair, the Denim Day by Sportswear International is taking place in Berlin – the new jour fixe and get-together of the best of our jeans and denim community.

Get the one-time chance and discuss with the leading players of the worldwide jeans and denim industry all current topics, trends and developments regarding the denim market.


Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Project Shadow is not about the trend and design. It is indeed a rival to ACG by Nike to suit the city life and acid condition of our ecosystem.Stone Island Shadow fabrics are carefully chosen for their balance of performance technologies and the unique aesthetic treatments and values for which Stone Island has been famous since its inception. All Stone Island Shadow fabrics work together as a part of the PARSEQ GRID. The fabrics are all: breathable, moisture managing (DWR) and/or wicking/skin friendly), and maintainable (stable, sustainable, and easy to care for).Photobucket


Matthew Williamson x H&M


Matthew Williamson x H&M
Sold out in Europe!
Pure Studded jeans!
Condition: Brand New with tag
Size: 29/32 & 30/32
Price: RM270 RM230 (including postage and packaging)


Privo by Clarks (sold)

Emmet Garage Sale x ClarksEmmet Garage Sale x Clarks4Emmet Garage Sale x Clarks3

Privo by Clarks
100% original Clarks
Material: 100% calf leather/ 100% rubber sole
Size: UK 9.5/ US 10
Condition: brand new without box
Price: RM190/Euro 42 (including postage+packaging)


Clarks for Working Class Heroin (sold)

PhotobucketEmmet Garage Sale x Clasks High5Emmet Garage Sale x Clasks HighEmmet Garage Sale x Clasks High4
Clarks (100% original product)
This tribute for working class heroin in city
Material: 100% calf leather
Size: UK4
Condition: Brand new without box
Price: RM190/Euro 42 (including shipping+packaging)


Aung San Suu Kyi x Obey

emmet x obey x Suu Kyi1emmet x obey x Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi x Obey on the releasing the democracy icon after more than 20 years in the cage of Junta Autocracy. Obey has created a version of his poster for Myanmar people to celebrate the release of her


Clarks for Working Class Hero (sold)

Clarks for Men
For Working Class Hero
Condition: Brand new without box
Material: 100% calf leather/sole: 100% rubber
Size: UK9/US 9.5
Price: RM230/Euro 51 (including Packaging+postage)


K for Clarks - Summer Blossom (sold)


emmet garage sale_clarks2
K by Clarks
Summer Blossom 2010
100% Original products from Clarks
Materials: 100% calf leather/ sole: 100% rubber
Size: UK4/US4.5
Condition: Brand new without box
Price: RM210/Euro 46 (including packaging+postage)


Lad Musician

Lad Musician is the source for those who wanted to get rock n' roll look without going to west. Yuichi Kuroda is responsible for the look.Started in 1995, inspired by Glam rock, he put back the rock n' roll soul into the clothes. He oppose Harajuku culture where everything must be bright and colourful. He manage to play black and white in such way the goth looks very funny!