Dr Martens Cherry Red (sold)

Dr Martens Cherry red
condition: brand new with box
size: UK7
Price: RM 420 (including postage and insurance)


Psychic Circle by Actual Pain


Dr Martens 14 holes White Dove (sold)

Dr Marten White Dove
14 holes
Brand new with box
Size: UK6
Price: RM470 (packaging+postage included)


Kreator - Phantom Antichrist

Kreator new anticipate album 2012, Phantom Antichrist. It will be released on 1st June 2012 via Road Runner Record. Expected to be fast, melodic and better than Enemy of God!


Dream Theater Live in Jakarta

Dream Theater live in Jakarta next month!
My advice get the ticket now and remember get your airlines tickets as well


April 77 Joey Colordrive

April 77 -Joey Colordrive
Brand New
100% Original products (No China Immitation)
Size: 30x33
Price: RM 360 (including postage+packaging)


Crippled Black Phoenix

....is a rock supergroup from the United Kingdom. Several musicians have contributed to Crippled Black Phoenix's albums and play with them during their live shows.Members of the band used to play in other bands (including Iron Monkey, Gonga, Mogwai, Electric Wizard and others).

This is really amazing band. Buy their album pal. It Psychedelic, Black, Emo, Blues, Jazzy and everthing you like about good music