Clarks Original Boots

Madonna New look
Clarks Original Boots
Dessert Mali - Imported from UK
Size: UK6/US6.5
Condition: New with box
Price: RM300 (including postage + packaging)

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Seattle Scene 1991

Mudhoney - Early explosion of Seattle music scene
Pearl Jam - 1992, after '10' album released

REM - Losing My Religion

Sonic Youth - Seattle Grunge god-father

Alice in Chains - Early 1991

Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger Era
Early Grunge Era, you could see Seattle dominate the world music. It is also bring along the fusion between Punk Rock (US Based)+ Glam Rock era = Grunge. Dr Martens, Converse, Shorts, Cut-off jeans,ripped levis jeans, oversized checked american trucks shirts,Funny+weird kind of hats and sunglasses were parts of gears for the expression.

Early stage you could see lots of heavy rock bands from USA wear shorts and simple shirts with boots. Classic example Ugly Kid Joe, Faith No More and etc. Most of the bands told, this is due lack of money to dress like rock stars.Even Jack Endino has mentioned that he only get paid couple of hundreds when he assigned to record 'Bleach' album.

However, grunge has change fashion world completely since 1991 and it is part of fashion calendar now. Alexander McQuinn, UnderCoverism, Marc Jacobs, Heidi Slimane have introduced grunge elements in their design years ago, completely thrash the runaway.


Happy Birthday Nevermind!

Nevermind is the album that change my perception about Punk Rock philosophy. It did change my genre of music from thrash metal, Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, Metallica to Grunge. It was absolutely fill my desire towards rage, frustrations on mainstream music and rebellious. It also fill my desire towards to be punk rock youth without having studs, mohawk hair and skinny jeans.

First song that struck me was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Breed" was my second favourite. it became my skate anthem and it kills everyone favourite's "black" album Metallica and Use Your Illusion 1&2. From Nirvana, i discover Pixies, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth,Melvins, Meat Puppets and many more. They are truly punk rock, they never wear any rock t-shirts unless the bands from Seattle. You name it, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Melvins, Mudhoney, L7 and ,Flippers. Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore once Nirvana (with Nevermind album) , they taken a piss out of rock n"roll". GDC never expected Nevermind would sell millions. Nirvana never though of knocking Micheal Jackson, Bad album to park on 1st in Billboard.

Since then Nevermind has change my life completely. In Utero, resonates my aplitude more towards Grunge. Thank you Nirvana and

Happy Birthday Nevermind!



The Killers -Human Picture 7" Vinyls

The Killers
Single taken from album Day and Age
Limited Edition
1469/2000 worldwide

side a: Human
side b: A Crippling Blow
condition: Brand new
Price: RM 60/USD20 (postage+packaging)


Levi's Bike Crew

Levi’s has teamed up with a selection local bike crews, influential bike shops and individuals to create a unique project that integrates the creative identity of local heroes with the iconic Trucker Jacket.Levi’s recently launched The Commuter Series , a range of denim garments optimized specifically for the needs of the urban cyclist. Levis Bike Crew Customs Trucker Jacket is further to Promote The Commuter Series



Size: UK7/US8
Condition: Brand New with Box
Price: RM350 RM280(including postage+packaging)