Vintage Levis 501 - Grunge Mode


Levis Vintage 501
Made in USA
Grunge mode - corduroy/denim
button tag no: 501
Size: 30 x 30
Condition: used but 70% dark blue
Price: RM 150 (including postage+ packaging)


DC Frenzy Action Sports Black/Armor/White

DC Shoes
Frenzy Action Sports Black/Armor/White Upper
Material: Action Leather, Waterproofing
Sole: Rubber
Size: US 8.5
Condition: Brand new with box
Price: RM 280 (Including postage+packaging)


Dr. Martens Briar Oxford Black Pin Dot

Dr Martens Briar 5-Eye Oxford
Size: UK7
Condition: Brand New with box
Price: RM330 (Including shipping)

· The Briar 5-Eye Oxford from Dr. Martens® serves up some sophisticated fun with its pin dot pattern and classic outsole.

·         Part of the Kensington Collection.

·         Synthetic upper with pin dot detail.

·         Traditional lacing with five sturdy eyelets.

·         Interior leather and textile lining.

·         Lightly cushioned footbed for added comfort.

·         Goodyear® welt construction heat seals and then stitches the upper and sole together for superb flexibility and durability.


Dr.Martens 1460 Victorian Flowers Womens Boots

Dr.Martens 1460 Victorian Flowers Womens Boots
Material: Boot Canvas/Rubber sole
1. UK6
2. UK5
Condition: Brand new with box
Price: RM 488 inclusive postage


All Saints Spitalfields - Studded Leather Jackets

All Saints Spitalfields
Studded jacket - 100% leather
Size: 8/S
Condition: Used
Price: RM600 including postage


Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Glove Clutch

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Glove Clutch
100% Leather
Women's Leather Glove Clutch Purse

  • Dark Brown leather purse with a beautiful white leather interior.
  • Magnetic closure and two interior compartments with zipper on the front. 
  • Material: 100% leather
  • Includes dustbag
  • Price: RM 350 including shipping


Charles Peterson: Seattle's Garage Music Scene Recorder

All photos by Charles Peterson

Charles is known for depicting the rise of Grunge scene in the late 80s to early 90s, and for his trademark full-frame, non-cropped image


Grunge Inspiration: Levis 501 Cut Off Jeans Made in USA

Levis Vintage 80's Cut - off
Levis 501 Jeans
Made in USA
vintage jeans from 80's era
size: 32
for sale: RM 70 inclusive postage

Grunge inspired


Run Away - Live x Shelby Lynne

This Irish man makes me laughing for 3 days and it makes me wonder, sometime we never reliaze up above the sky someone is watching us and laughing at our face for un-reasonable act that we have done. control your temper and take is easy!


Quote of The day: Blow Up

Blow-Up produced by a writer/director Michelangelo Antonioni.The movie is about his view of the world of mod fashion, and an engaging, provocative murder mystery that examines the existential nature of reality interpreted through photography

--Above scene was part of the erotic, frenzied picture-taking performance, Thomas (David Hemming) energetically snaps fashion photos over her skinny, writhing, supine body while pointing his phallic camera at her. Thomas is totally in command of the situation with his camera in action. He straddles her and crawls over her, bringing her to the point of orgasmic release and satisfaction while urging her to move for his still photos ("Give it to me now, come on. That's good...Now, now, yes, yes, yes!"), although it's only a mundane and typical shoot.--

The film contains a rare performance of The Yardbirds during the period when Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck were both in the band. Jeff Beck would leave a few months later.


Quote of the day: Fight Club

followings are the comments about the above screen;

"...The way to enlightenment, freedom, whatever, is through complete surrender. That is the message. Don't live in your head regretting or fantasizing about what you think you want, that's just conditioning."

  "...in burning him he made him realise that he is alive and that he will die, Tyler tried to make him let go of God as to destroy the hope of life after death, hence trying to make him loose everything so he is free to do anything.."

"The Point, is that 99% of People shy away from Pain, Discomfort, Embarrassment, etc. 99%Don't go Outside there comfort zone, when in Reality we MUST accept that pain, etc is apart of Life and we must Embrace it so we can Learn from our mistakes and forge the life we "WANT" and Instead of trying to "Not Think" about the the pain or to "Pretend" its not real, is a "dead/Fake" way of Living, that pushes you farther from the life you want. so the question is are you part of the so called 99%.."


Quote of The Day : Reservoir Dogs

I love this quote, the reason why we dont need to tip. Tipping is a big culture in America, every where we have to tip. Tipping could be an act of generosity or could be act of forcing of person to give money to others indirectly.

For your record, Under FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Agreement Act) if a waiter/waitress doesn't make enough from tips in addition to normal wages, the employers are required by law to make up the difference.

In other words, if you've been getting screwed because you you're not getting tips, then you have the right to sue your employer. If you don't tip, don't worry. They should be getting reimbursed by the owner.