Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year everybody!

Take a good care of your self and your liver. Don't drink and get abused!


Mastodon- The Hunter Tshirt (sold)

The Hunter by Mastodon
New great album released for 2011
Price: RM100 (postage and packaging included)


Dr Martens - 14 Eyes Purple Haze (sold)

Dr Martens
Purple Haze 14 eyes
Condition: Brand New
Size: UK6/US7
Price: RM440 (including postage and packaging)


Levis Vintage Cut Off Jeans Studded Purple (Punk Rock baby!)(sold)

Levis 501
Custom made studded cut-off jeans
condition: vintage
size: 28
Price: RM 140 (including price and postage)


Surface to Air Tshirt (sold)

Surface to Air -Paris
M size
Condition: New
Price: RM130 ( inclusive postage and packaging)


2011 Must Listen Album

Mastodon - The Hunter

Opeth - Heritage


These are 2 albums that really raise my eyes and I keep listenin to 'em everyday. Opeth- Heritage dare to defy the difinition of Metal. It is so pure and artistic that the sound would bring back to Led Zep'era in 70's.

Mastodon- The Hunter, Hmmm...truly metal and the maturity of the music remind me of U2 early Millenium. It is highly recommended to get those above album. Forget Bieber, forget Gaga...get the album now.