Quote of the day: Fight Club

followings are the comments about the above screen;

"...The way to enlightenment, freedom, whatever, is through complete surrender. That is the message. Don't live in your head regretting or fantasizing about what you think you want, that's just conditioning."

  "...in burning him he made him realise that he is alive and that he will die, Tyler tried to make him let go of God as to destroy the hope of life after death, hence trying to make him loose everything so he is free to do anything.."

"The Point, is that 99% of People shy away from Pain, Discomfort, Embarrassment, etc. 99%Don't go Outside there comfort zone, when in Reality we MUST accept that pain, etc is apart of Life and we must Embrace it so we can Learn from our mistakes and forge the life we "WANT" and Instead of trying to "Not Think" about the the pain or to "Pretend" its not real, is a "dead/Fake" way of Living, that pushes you farther from the life you want. so the question is are you part of the so called 99%.."

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