KISS Hat - 100% Official Merchandise(sold!)

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Inside Tag
Kiss Cap - 100% Official Merchandise
Size: Fits all Size
Material: 100% cotton
Condition: New with Tag
Price: RM65


podshop said...

nice...rare 2 find in malaysia..
good job,mate..!!

Maverick said...

Nice!! Those are sweet :) Cute blog!

xoxo, mavi

Anonymous said...

are this item including shipping?
can u find me a cap like ramones, misfits or nofx??

Emmet said...

you have to add another RM5 for postage and packaging.
we sure can do it for if provide us certain deposit for security.

Spank said...

can u give me the measurement of this cap?
i mean that the diameter n etc..

Emmet said...

please email me for further info...thank you!