Emmet Garage at Chic Pop Street Market at Zouk, KL

As usual please bring lots of cash as there will be no ATM machine around or could be there will be no cash in the machine as well.

Emmet Garage will be at Chic Pop Street Market at Zouk, KL on 3/10/09 -4/10/09 from 11am to 6pm.
Items will be on display:

T-shirts & Tops:

  1. New Band T-shirts: Indie,Anarko Punk, Metal, Grind, Gore, Death and Black Metal
  2. Vivienne Westwood
  3. H&M x Comme Des Garcons
  4. Gio Goi
  5. H&M Fashion against Aids
  6. H&M x Matthew Williamson
  7. Concert T-shirts
  8. Mastermind
  9. Religion co.uk
  10. House of Gods co.uk
  11. TopMan x Ramones x Elvis Presly


  1. April 77
  2. Cheap Monday
  3. Zara co.uk
  4. Guess Premium Label
  5. People's Market
  6. Dsquared
  7. Ksubi
  8. Massimo Dutti
  9. Pull And Bear co.uk


  1. Puma Ski 2
  2. Vision Street Wear
  3. Massimo Dutti sneaker
  4. Shoelab co.uk
  5. DID co.uk
  6. Dr Martens (made in England)
  7. Dr Martens XX


  1. H&M x Madonna
  2. Religion co.uk
  3. House Of Gods by Buddhist Punk
  4. H&M Maternity wear / GAP maternity wear


  1. Vinyls LP & 7" Vinyls: Rock N' Roll, Micheal Jackson, 80's, black, Death, thrash metal
  2. 100% official DVD concert: Black metal and Movie
  3. CD's

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