The Strokes-Comedown Machine

The Strokes- Comedown Machine"I've listen to 4 records for the past few days; Imagine Dragons, David Bowie, Soundgarden and The Strokes. I just got The Strokes new album called "Comedown Machine". It is amazing The Strokes experiment their melody for every album since "Is This It". Comedown Machine is their latest release in Malaysia 26 March 2013. I was amazed how The Strokes sounds like, pure 80's and late 70's sound. I like 'em a lot. The album surprised me with their firstaong called " Tap Out ", nice opening song by them. I like the record sleeve, simple and pure LP design. Later, after completed 2 songs, I decided to buy the album. It it indeed one of the best record for 2013 BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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