Warpaint - Love is to Die

I just got the album last week, the band called "Warpaint" and it is so cool. All female members playing rock and roll with passion and don't give a damn of what people says. Of course! the vocalist is outstanding, pretty voice and stunning looking girl as well. "Love is to Die" caught my eyes on the sleeve album cover and when I listen to it...boom! the tune and sound in between of Joy Division and Duran Duran, "Come Undone". I just love it and I keep playing the same in my car for a week. Other songs that I like probably "Keep it Healthy" and "Hi". Warpaint is a new band but I guess, the band has many potential to be like The Kills. It is Duran Duran version of girl band.

Go get the album, Warpaint is worth to be part of your music collection.

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