Maternal Disaster

Maternal Disaster, a Bandung label, blacken brand with rebel attitude. This a local cult brand that combined crust metal punk music and fashion into one. Check it out the interview:-

1) Can you tell us about what have inspired you to start Maternal Disaster?

Very inspiring for us is everything that is paradoxical and ironic,because there where the essence of concrete reality. and when applied into a form of course desire will be a very kick ass

2) What is your philosophy behind the the brand?

The philosophy is like old hacienda building a cathedral on top of old debris.We make history, hopefully a lot of money.

3) Does Maternal Disaster reflect your own personal style? If yes, in what ways?

Yes, it reflects all that we think tastes great. From various things, of a trivial everyday, music, movies, books, until things mystical story.

 4) Where did the name Maternal Disaster come from?

Derived from a friend, he was a first originator of the name. Now he has the most dangerous hc / punk bands in Bandung  named Milisi Kecoa.Hopefully people perceive our brand as an epidemic of infectious, of course in terms of being popular 'magnum opus'.

5) What is the future plan for Maternal Disaster?
Our next plans will collaborate with Astronautboys, most biting local artist's
when creating iconic characters.

    6) Heard that you are anti popular culture, what do you hate most and like most about pop culture?
    Actually we didn't hate popular culture, because when we talk about culture must have an excess or an exceeding of the culture itself. possible sentences that fit the feel of allergies, against all forms of popular culture, examples of the most cool about popular culture read Umberto Eco 'jaunt in hiperrealitas'
    7) what kind of music do listen to? Any fashion label do you like most? All the music we listen to, from Black Metal, Grindcore, sludge / drone / doom, punk / hc,new wave music, noise, etc. But we are currently listening now is the music like Khanate, Corrupted and Otesanek. The reason they really reflect the soft side of a very evil
         8) Any last shout to the world?

Like the quote from Gladwell Malcollm 'Tipping Point' A person who has the idea of ​​excess when handling the right lever would have been able to shift the position of earth in his position.

Where can you get the products? You can order via http://www.maternaldisaster.com/  or perhaps just drop an email to: contact@maternaldisaster.com .

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