Anti Sweden

Anti Sweden Jeans
Skinny Black
Material: 98% cotton / 2% Elastine
Price: @#$%^!


cretakano said...

this jeans kicks major ass. is it for sale?

Emmet said...

we actually just introduce the jeans, it is not for sale yet. Can you make a guess about the price?

frigidandhappy said...

Since you left symbols on the PRICE area... my guess is an arm and a leg. On second thought, make that two ;) What size are they though?

cretakano said...

i did my homework.
$130 = RM446.81.. no?

EGS said...

we will let u know about the price and necessary details about the jeans very soon. Please supply the size of yourself in order for us to make an order.cheers!

@cretakano the price is unknown but please send the details to us soon!thanks