Emmet Garage Sales Interviews Anti Sweden

Emmet Garage Sales - a night with Anti Sweden talks about beauty of darkness

How and why did you start Anti Sweden?

We started Anti Sweden as a tribute to the Norwegian Black Metal Scene, and to create a brand that challenged our neighbors in Sweden´s domination of scandinavian jeans.
Using our skills as designers and having worked with apparel brands before, we wanted to create something different than the normal apparel brands.

Where did the name Anti Sweden come from?

The name was chosen because it is defining us as a anti established brand and a tongue in cheek towards the Swedish lifestyle brands known from Sweden as Acne and Cheap Monday.

How big is your first collection?

We do limited editions, not regular apparel collections, we have one unisex model called 666 where we have worked together with San Diego based illustrator justin Bartlett, we are coming up with a girls model, and a t-shirt collection and also looking into some jewelry. We are also currently working with artists to do our next limited edition, it will all be inspired by black metal culture in a fashion context.

What are your future plans?

To do exclusive co-works with people who are inspired by the aesthetics of darkness. To produce limited editions that allows us to keep our signature and don´t adapt to the mainstream culture.

What makes Anti Sweden different from other jeans brands?

All the above, we have a strong history founded on the cult scene originated from Norway. If jeans are to be rebellious again we will make it happen!

Model: 1st model, Anti Sweden 666
Limited Edition
(limited to 666 pieces)
Collaboration with gore artist Justin Bartlett(www.vberkvlt.com)
Unisex model - Contact Emmet Garage Sales for preview
Price: Euro 140/ RM 700

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