Stockholm Eco Fashion Awareness 2009



emmet garage sales stockholm eco fashion 4
(Photos by Emmet)
Emmet Garage revisited:
H&M, Acne, Cheap Monday, Zion Clothing, Deminwear,Hope, Bergmen Sweden ,Tor Söderin, Ikea many Swedish designers were taking part in Eco Fashion Awareness in Stockholm. All 2nd hand clothes were given a lifeline to produce a sustainable fashion.

Lovisa Burfitt, who bases her label in Paris, agrees: “Certification is important. Each garment is stamped with information that certifies it is fair-trade. This guarantees that I adhere to the guidelines prohibiting bleaching or chemical treatments. My washed-out finish is created by washing the garments with plastic balls instead of stones, and by using salt and savon de Marseille instead of chemicals.’- Source: an article titled Sustainable Style by Bradley Quinn

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